About Us

What is BISM?

Bloomington International Student Ministries (BISM) is a partnership of IU Christian student organizations and local churches which exists to help internationals of all backgrounds develop cross-cultural friendships and enjoy American culture, and which provides opportunities for students of all backgrounds to grow in understanding of the Christian faith.  We desire to assist you in any way and hope your involvement with us will be a positive part of your experience in Bloomington.


Partnering Campus Ministries

International Friendship Ministries
Elan Rajamani               elan@ifmusa.org   

International Students, Inc.
Randy Hawes                rahawes@indiana.edu

Bridges International            
Ed Huff                  

Partnering Churches

 Sherwood Oaks Christian Church
Rhonda Raad                graad@indiana.edu

Southside Christian Church
Ray Stevens                 raytodd@kiva.net

Evangelical Community Church
Joel Niese                   joelniese@gmail.com

North Central Church of Christ
Don Cross                    dcross@indiana.edu

Exodus Church
Bill Downey                  billd12@comcast.net

All campus ministries are registered with the I.U. Campus Religious
Leaders Association (CaRLA) and adhere to Indiana University
and CaRLA standards of ethics.

Student Organization Members

Jeffrey Ravindran Durai Naya                         jeffravi@iu.edu 

Vice President
Elyediana Mangutas                           elymangu@indiana.edu   

Prajna Peters                                       pcpeters@indiana.edu

Communication Director
Dwayne Dsouza                                       admin@iubism.org

Xiaoqing Luo(Mercury Luo)                       luoxi@indiana.edu

Lekeah Durden                                    ldurden@indiana.edu