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Christmas Party

FREE to all international students, scholars, American friends and families

Learn to sing Christmas Carols
Watch the Christmas Story
Learn the True meaning of Christmas
Win door prizes
Delicious Food
Meet International & American friends

Please bring some food to share. You are encouraged to bring desserts or finger foods (Chicken wings, Cheese & Crackers, Vegetable platter, fruit platter, dumplings, pizza rolls, party sandwiches, etc).


Time Location
4:30pm Fountain Park (Leasing Office)
4:30pm Meadow Park (Leasing Office)
4:30pm Park Doral (Leasing Office)
4:30pm Hoosier Court (Leasing Office)
4:45pm Hunter Ridge (Bldg C)
4:45pm Wells Library (Back Parking Lot)
4:45pm Eigenmann Hall (Main Entrance)
4:45pm Evermann / Red Bud (Bus stop)

Please contact Elan Rajamani at or 812-325-9047 if you have questions.


  • December 16th

  • 5:00pm

  • Evangelical Community Church 503 S. High St, Bloomington, IN 47401

  • Registration still open. Will close soon.

  • Free Transportation Provided

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